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Jon Talton

Jon Talton

 The region is below average on attracting foreign direct investment, such as the Philips medical-device plant in Bothell, which makes defibrillators.<br/>
Philips Medical Systems /
Saturday, April 12
Seattle needs to get off bench in global-investment game | Jon Talton

As Jet City and a region that is home to some of the world’s iconic companies, it has been easy to be inward-looking in some ways while a world of potential investment swooshes past. Grabbing more of it is important.

Saturday, April 5

Puget Sound’s maritime future at crossroads | Jon Talton

Maritime provides important economic diversity and good jobs that connect to the state’s standing as an export powerhouse.

Saturday, March 29

Cloning Silicon Valley no longer computes | Jon Talton

Can we stop using the phrase “the next Silicon Valley”? The real Silicon Valley is the creation of a unique set of forces that would be difficult, if not impossible, to clone.

Saturday, March 22

Legislators doing state no favors by actions | Jon Talton

With admirable exceptions, most lawmakers seem to lack any sense of government’s essential role in keeping Washington ahead in a highly competitive world.

Saturday, March 15

Construction industry still digging out of recession hole | Jon Talton

It’s difficult, more than seven years since the real-estate bubble popped, to proclaim any return to a normal construction industry, much less a return of housing to its place as a pillar of the economy.

Saturday, March 8

Bible for business-site selectors overlooks Northwest | Jon Talton

No state in the Northwest made Site Selection’s ranking the top 10 of states that attracted the most new plants in 2013.

Saturday, March 1

Oil trains return to Northwest in big way | Jon Talton

Regulators working with the rail industry can make oil trains even safer.

Saturday, February 22

Outsourcing not what you think, say researchers | Jon Talton

Study finds most outsourcing is done within the U.S., where almost one-half of full-time employees work at companies that use contractors and suppliers to do work once likely performed in-house. About 23 percent of full-time employees work at companies that offshore work to other countries.

Saturday, February 8

Not to rain on Hawks’ parade ... NFL’s economic hype falls short | Jon Talton

A raft of economic studies has shown that pro-sports stadiums don’t provide the wider benefits promised when taxpayers are tapped to help build them.

Saturday, February 1

Taking a closer look at a lousy job market | Jon Talton

Called the civilian labor-force-participation rate, it fell to 62.8 percent of the available workforce in December, the lowest in 35 years. The decline has not been arrested by the end of the recession.

Saturday, January 25

Seattle, Tacoma ports drifting toward helping each other, economy | Jon Talton

The ports of Tacoma and Seattle have been sold out by a rapidly changing world. Unaddressed, the outcome might not be one winning over the other but both left to decline.