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Jon Talton

Jon Talton

Saturday, April 19
Many still stuck in idle as job growth plods along | Jon Talton

The Great Recession has changed the composition of the labor force.

Saturday, April 12

Seattle needs to get off bench in global-investment game | Jon Talton

As Jet City and a region that is home to some of the world’s iconic companies, it has been easy to be inward-looking in some ways while a world of potential investment swooshes past. Grabbing more of it is important.

Saturday, April 5

Puget Sound’s maritime future at crossroads | Jon Talton

Maritime provides important economic diversity and good jobs that connect to the state’s standing as an export powerhouse.

Saturday, March 29

Cloning Silicon Valley no longer computes | Jon Talton

Can we stop using the phrase “the next Silicon Valley”? The real Silicon Valley is the creation of a unique set of forces that would be difficult, if not impossible, to clone.

Saturday, March 22

Legislators doing state no favors by actions | Jon Talton

With admirable exceptions, most lawmakers seem to lack any sense of government’s essential role in keeping Washington ahead in a highly competitive world.

Saturday, March 15

Construction industry still digging out of recession hole | Jon Talton

It’s difficult, more than seven years since the real-estate bubble popped, to proclaim any return to a normal construction industry, much less a return of housing to its place as a pillar of the economy.

Saturday, March 8

Bible for business-site selectors overlooks Northwest | Jon Talton

No state in the Northwest made Site Selection’s ranking the top 10 of states that attracted the most new plants in 2013.

Saturday, March 1

Oil trains return to Northwest in big way | Jon Talton

Regulators working with the rail industry can make oil trains even safer.

Saturday, February 22

Outsourcing not what you think, say researchers | Jon Talton

Study finds most outsourcing is done within the U.S., where almost one-half of full-time employees work at companies that use contractors and suppliers to do work once likely performed in-house. About 23 percent of full-time employees work at companies that offshore work to other countries.

Saturday, February 8

Not to rain on Hawks’ parade ... NFL’s economic hype falls short | Jon Talton

A raft of economic studies has shown that pro-sports stadiums don’t provide the wider benefits promised when taxpayers are tapped to help build them.

Saturday, February 1

Taking a closer look at a lousy job market | Jon Talton

Called the civilian labor-force-participation rate, it fell to 62.8 percent of the available workforce in December, the lowest in 35 years. The decline has not been arrested by the end of the recession.