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Jon Talton

Jon Talton

Saturday, February 14

Microsoft a complex entity, key player in our economy | Jon Talton

Microsoft is big and intricate, and not merely the bureaucracy that was a target of complaints under Ballmer.

Saturday, January 31

Seatown vs.Beantown | Jon Talton

When it comes to the economy, Boston beats Seattle solidly, even though both cities are playing in the big leagues.

Saturday, January 24

Elon Musk drops space plans into Seattle’s lap | Jon Talton

Elon Musk thought three major trends would drive the future: the Internet, the quest for sustainable energy and space exploration. He’s got skin in all three games.

Saturday, January 17

Stalled wages shape Seattle’s housing-affordability crisis | Jon Talton

No American city has found the ideal response to pricey housing, not even much more expensive New York, Washington, D.C., or San Francisco.

Saturday, January 10

High seas gambles | Jon Talton

The new East Coast competition is spending to deepen its harbors, expand terminal facilities, build new warehouses and improve the ”last mile” connections between ports and highways and railroads.

Saturday, December 27

What forces will shape local economy in 2015? | Jon Talton

Amazon, the ports, Gov. Inslee are among the factors to watch as Seattle’s booming economy heads into the new year.

Saturday, December 20

Russia’s ties to Northwest put trade gains at risk | Jon Talton

Russia was one of Washington’s fastest-growing export markets. As a World Trade Organization member, it would, for example, cut tariffs on commercial airplanes in half and strengthen intellectual-property protections.

Saturday, December 13

Uber-style disruption OK as long as it leaves us in a better place | Jon Talton

The notion of a sharing economy would find much less traction if the U.S. economy was creating enough well-paid, full-time jobs with benefits.

Friday, December 5

Federal drop in R&D money to help China leave us in dust | Jon Talton

R&D is as much a foundation of modern economies as capital, petroleum and skilled workers.