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Nicole Brodeur

 “A great radio station is the Town Square for the city,” said KEXP’s Kevin Cole, senior director of programming.
Greg Gilbert / The Seattle Times
Friday, January 23
Kevin Cole: ‘Seattle is different. So KEXP is different.’ | Nicole & Co.

A planned new home at Seattle Center and a new vision have the local institution on the city’s new wavelength.

Monday, January 19

Tom Douglas’ Lion’s Den looks for next great Seattle entrepreneur | Nicole Brodeur's Names in Bold

Ambitious locals make their pitch to a panel of business bigs.

Friday, January 16

Marysville man: ‘We were all scared’ during historic Selma march | Nicole & Co.

Fifty years ago, the Marysville man walked with the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the civil-rights protesters from Selma to Montgomery, Ala.

Tuesday, January 13

Seattle Opera hits high note before it even starts | Nicole Brodeur's Names in Bold

Conductor Julian Kovatchev makes an appearance in the lobby as “Tosca” becomes the toast of the town. Injured comedian Dylan Avila to make a comeback appearance Saturday with the help of Craig Gass.

Friday, January 9

Burlesque impresario Jimmy Berg keeps Seattle bawdy | Nicole & Co.

“Burlesque audiences are open to new experiences. They are there to be surprised and shocked and turned on a little bit.”

Monday, January 5

Dry January: Why I’m taking a month off the booze | Nicole Brodeur

Dry January tradition a chance to reset and reflect.

Monday, December 22

Artist Howe is an NYC holiday hit; homeless hero remembered | Nicole Brodeur's Names in Bold

Local artist is a hit on New York’s Fifth Avenue; friends remember Lou Lou Couch, a hero to homeless kids; and Gene Juarez makes a funny.

Sunday, December 21

At 95, Ruby Bishop is still singing her own tune | Nicole & Co.

With a standing gig at Vito’s, the pianist says the music keeps her going.

Monday, December 15

Going ‘Wild” at film-premiere; JJ McKay’s party packs them in | Nicole Brodeur's Names in Bold

Author Cheryl Strayed and actors Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern celebrate the new movie’s recent release. JJ McKay’s annual Christmas party packs them in.

Friday, December 12

The voice of Halo’s Cortana is a Jane Austen type at heart | Nicole & Co.

An interview with actress Jen Taylor. From Victorian England to cyberspace, she plays many roles.