September 25, 2010 at 10:00 AM

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Subject of 'tosh.0 Web Redemption' is Gonzaga grad

Posted by Bob Payne

If you've ever watched the show "tosh.0" on Comedy Central, you're familiar with host Daniel Tosh's Web Redemption segments. He interviews the people behind viral videos to ask that all important question: "Why?"

The segment that aired this past Wednesday (here's the segment, but be warned there's a bit of off-color innuendo) was about "The Reporter Who Can't Break Glass." The subject of the original video is a TV news reporter working in Medford, Ore., who turns out to be from Kirkland, Wash. Sebastian Robertson went to the International Community School in Kirkland, and then got his broadcast degree at Gonzaga University in Spokane.

I talked to Robertson for a few minutes this afternoon and got his reaction. But first, here's the original viral clip:

Q: How do you think the Web Redemption clip turned out?

A: "I was concerned going in because (Tosh) can be racy on the show. And I worked hard to get the job I've got now (a news reporter at Medford's KTVL), so I don't want to ruin my career for this little spot. But I think they did a really good job of making me look like the professional I am. I'm willing to laugh at myself, but I also want to defend the medium (TV)."

Q: What was host (Daniel Tosh) like in person?

A: "He was great. He was like a guy I could have gone to college with. I thought he was cool."

Q: What has the reaction to the Web Redemption clip been from family, friends and coworkers?

A: "The wave of phone calls and Facebook messages and tweets has been unreal. Lots of friend requests on Facebook ... coming from all directions. A lot of people must watch that show."

Q: Do you think you got a car with reinforced glass windows?

A: No, it was just a solidly built older American car.

He finished our chat by adding that he hopes his career brings him back to Seattle eventually.

And speaking of reporters and breaking things ... don't miss this page featuring videos of "Reporters Destroying Things." The massive Jenga disaster is probably my favorite.

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