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February 6, 2012 at 5:08 PM

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Meet my new kayaking buddy, Mister Zebra


Sketched Jan. 30

If you need a kayaking instructor, here's one I'd recommend in a heartbeat. Mark Greengo, a Seattle native and longtime kayaker, took a day off work last week to lead me to the Kalakala ferry. The historic ship has been moored on a Tacoma waterway since 2004 and its owner is still looking for a buyer willing to restore it.

Greengo, a member of the Boeing Employees Whitewater & Touring club (BEWET), came fully prepared with all the gear I needed for the kayaking excursion: life-jacket, dry-suit, food supplies, you name it.

His precautions paid off. When my kayak tipped over and I fell into the water, I knew I would be OK. Thanks to the dry-suit, all my clothes kept dry. And thanks to Greengo's calm demeanor and skills, I was able to get back onto my kayak safely in very little time.

Next time you are kayaking in the area, you may easily spot Greengo for his zebra-themed boat. He said he loves zebras and owns a ton of things with zebra patterns. Even the license plate on his Volkswagen Golf says ZEBRA.

Thank you, Mister Zebra!